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Our company has been in the coupon game since 2011, and our latest iteration is CouponCoder.

A Different Approach.

We at Coupon Coder have a different approach than your typical coupon website. Instead of having tends of thousands of merchant pages with long-expired promo codes, we have a team of dedicated professionals that update our website each and every day. We strive to push up the best and valid promo codes to the top of the page, so you don’t have to try dozens of codes before you find the one that’s right for you.

 About Coupon Coder


We create detailed guides on how to use your promo codes for each merchant. Merchants will sometimes place their coupon code entry field in an unusual place, or make you click on it to reveal it in the first place. And that’s not even counting ‘instant rebate’ deals that usually have their own rules. We try to make the whole promo code redemption process as simple and straightforward as possible. how to use promo codes - example

We Make it Easy to Connect with your Merchant:

Have you signed up with a new merchant and want to connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or one of their other social media channels? We go out and find the platforms that a particular merchant is more active on, and give you a brief description of what to expect.
If you ask a question to Expedia on Twitter, will they respond? Or just post pictures of pretty places like a robot? We sort that out for you.

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