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GoDaddy Promo Code Promo Codes Updated For May 2018:

    • Save 35% Off All New GoDaddy Hosting Plans, Domains, Website Builders and More!

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      Redeem this discount code at checkout to save 35% off nearly all new products that GoDaddy offers: website builders,
      domain names, hosting packages and more.
    • GoDaddy’s Economy Hosting for just $1/month:

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      Get your website live for just $1/month when you use this promo code at checkout. This includes a free domain name registration, so you will get a hosting plan and a domain name for just $12 for your first year.
    • Save 50% Off All GoDaddy Hosting Plans:

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      Take a full 50% off all new shared GoDaddy hosting packages. This includes their Beginner, Deluxe and Ultimate hosting plans.
    • Register a .COM Domain Name For 99 Cents:

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      Right now you can register the most popular domain extension in the world for just 99 cents when you use this promo code at checkout. You can only use this coupon once per customer.
    • Get WordPress Hosting For Just $1/Month:

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      Get a WordPress hosting plan for just $1/month (that’s 86% off the regular price!). The hosting plan comes with automatic WordPress installation and software updates. If you want to host more than one website, this coupon will also give you a discount on the WordPress Deluxe and Ultimate hosting plans as well.
    • Take 25% Off SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates:

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      Protect your website and its visitors with an SSL certificate. Save 25% off the regular price when when you use this discount code. Google now shows a ‘not secure’ label for websites that ask for information (including email addresses or search bars), but aren’t encrypted with SSL. This will create more trust in your website from its visitors.
    • Save 34% Off All New Purchases:

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      This is another multi-purpose code that’ll save you 34% off qualifying purchases. This can be used for new products only.
    • Take 30% Off All GoDaddy Products:

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      Use this coupon code to save 30% off all new qualifying purchases. Exclusions include gift cards. Click through to view all products included in this promotion.

Register a .CLUB Domain Name for Just $14.99 and Get a 2nd Year Free:

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Whether you want to start a new website with a .CLUB domain, or are interested in brand management (i.e. owning your company name in all the domain extensions), you can register a .CLUB domain name for $14.99 for the first year, and you’ll get the second year free when you use this discount code.

  • Start Your .US Website with a Domain Registration for Just $3.99:

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    This is a great deal: register a .US domain name for $3.99. This is over 70% off the regular price.
  • Register a .NET Domain Name for $8.99:

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    This is the same code from the top of this post: register a .COM or .NET for $8.99.
  • Register .CA Domains for $9.99/Year

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    Connect with Canadian customers by registering a .CA version of your domain name.
  • Save 30% Off Domain Name Privacy Protection from

    Save 30% off GoDaddy’s domain name privacy. If you don’t use this service, then your name, address and phone number will become available on the publicly available WHOIS-database.
  • Take Up to 30% Off Microsoft Office 365:

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    You can use Microsoft’s Office anywhere with this cloud-based Office program. When you use this promo code, you’ll save up to 30% off your Office 365 subscription.


More Ways To Save Money with GoDaddy:

There are more ways to save on GoDaddy’s products than just redeeming coupons (although that’s probably the most effective strategy!).

  • Get Rewards Points with GoDaddy Pro – When you sign up with GoDaddy Pro, you earn rewards points every time you make a purchase for you or your clients. You can then redeem these points for in-store credit. If your clients’ expenses are quite large, you can save quite a bit of money through this method.
  • Buy Multiple Years Upfront – Most promo codes only work for new purchases. If you sign up for 3 years of hosting or domain registrations, you can lock in that discounted price for a long time. This can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars (if you have a VPS or Dedicated hosting package, for example).
  • Open GoDaddy’s Emails – When you’re products come up for renewal, GoDaddy will send you emails with exclusive discounts for renewing early. Or they might send you an email if there’s a really good promotion going on. These are usually exclusive deals for you, with coupon codes that only work for you as well. And hey, if you miss a promotion’s deadline for whatever reason, you can still use our codes!
Giving Back: GoDaddy Cares

GoDaddy has a charity program called ‘GoDaddy Cares‘ that raises money for charity through corporate donations, partnerships and volunteers to make a difference. It includes GoDaddy GoCommunities, which works to

‘equip entrepreneurs in under-served communities with the tools they need to jumpstart their success’.

What is’s Return Policy?

So you’ve signed up for a hosting plan, or registered a domain, and now you need to cancel your purchase.

For all refunds, you’ll need to call their support number. You’ll need the invoice/receipt number for the order you want to cancel. You’ll also need your customer number and PIN for the support call.

Unfortunately GoDaddy doesn’t make it easy to see exactly what their cancellation policy is for every product, but we’ve found some official policies here:

For Hosting Packages:

Annual Plans – Can only be refunded within 30 days of the date of the transaction.
Monthly Plans – within just 48-hours of the date of the transaction.
There are separate policies for their SEO services, social media management, ‘getting started’ service, and more. You can see their whole GoDaddy refund policies here.

How to Get in Contact With GoDaddy’s Customer Support.

GoDaddy makes it simple for clients to contact them at times they need help. Being a big firm, they introduced several venues to where customers can get timely support. Customers can call, send an email or create a support ticket to ask assistance. There are several online resources available as well, such as support articles, FAQ section, and some online forums.

GoDaddy’s Support Phone Numbers:
This is their global, toll-free number that you can use to call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If you’re located within the U.S., you can call this number to get support: +1 480 505 8877
They have a Spanish-line if you’d like to speak to a representative en Espanol: +1 480 463 8300
If you’re outside the U.S., has a list of phone numbers you can call them at, from various countries here:

Everything you need to know About GoDaddy:

godaddy coupon code

Today, there are a lot web hosting companies that you can work with. Some of these work only for you if you can pay annual fees, while others allow you to buy their services even when you can only afford to pay monthly rates. The GoDaddy unlimited hosting plan would seem to be just like any one of these, except for closer examination. When you sign up for this hosting plan with GoDaddy, expect the following benefits. is the world’s largest domain registrar and web hosting provider: servicing over 45 million domain names to date. Aside from hosting, it also sells e-business related software and services. Offers Unlimited Space (Within Reason).

Unlimited disk space is one of the unique features of the GoDaddy unlimited hosting plan. Now, normally this is great: you never have to worry about going over your storage limit, right?
If you look at GoDaddy’s fine print, however, it reveals that you can’t have more than 250,000 files or folders on your server. While most websites, especially on a shared hosting plan, wouldn’t need anything close to that for your website, you should know that the unlimited storage promise isn’t really unlimited.

What Happens If You Go Over GoDaddy’s Unlimited Storage?

Most of the time GoDaddy’s support will contact you and let you know what the problem is. They will give you a deadline where you need to have the problem resolved by, or they will temporarily suspend the account. In instances where your storage explodes overnight to thousands of files overnight, that could indicate that your website has been hacked, and GoDaddy will immediately take the site offline. This is done to protect the other sites on that same server from infection, and protect the security of GoDaddy’s data-centers. If that happens, they will send you an email immediately telling you what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed.

Unlimited Monthly Transfer.

This is also another feature of the GoDaddy unlimited hosting option. It is usually very appropriate for those websites which have huge amounts of traffic. In fact, your only job is to ensure that you have as much traffic as possible and that you don’t worry whether you will exceed your monthly quota with too much traffic.

1000 Email Addresses.

GoDaddy’s Economy Hosting Package offers 100 emails, the Deluxe Plan offers 500 emails and the Ultimate Hosting Plan offers 1000 emails. If you are an organization that needs 1000 emails, then you’re likely a pretty big organization that’s going to need all the extra storage and bandwidth that comes with the Ultimate plan anyways.

With an unlimited hosting plan, you are allowed as many domains as possible, so long as you do not seem to be hosting domains for the sake of utilizing all of “your” unlimited space.

If you are planning to go with GoDaddy’s unlimited hosting package, then you should be willing to spend at least $15 per month for the 3-month payment option. The figure comes to as low as $12.74 per month if you choose the 3-year option.

Website Building and Managing Features.

Website building tools and templates come free with your paid hosting. With upgraded website builder, GoDaddy offers new, fresh and stunning website design templates. Installing scripts such as WordPress,Zen Cart, Drupal, and Joomla are made completely user-friendly that you can customize your site however you want to. Has Optimized WordPress-Servers For You As Well:

They also run dedicated WordPress servers for optimal user-experience. Deluxe and Ultimate plan also include mobile-friendly websites.

A hosting up-time guarantee of 99.9%, day and night, is maintained through GoDaddy’s high-end server facilities.

Where are GoDaddy’s Servers Located?

Being the world’s largest hosting provider, you can imagine that they have more than one data-center. Their main location, which is incredibly large, is located in Phoenix, Arizona. They also have 2 more leased locations in the state of Arizona: Mesa and Scottsdale. Outside of Arizona, there are data-centers in Ashburn, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Virginia. Outside of the United States, the company also has data-centers in Amsterdam and Singapore. Has a Worldwide Reach:

In addition to datacenters in Singapore and Amsterdam, there are lots of languages and country-specific domain extensions for non-English speaking countries around the world. If English isn’t your first language, or you want to create a website for people in a certain geographical region, GoDaddy seems to have all the tools to help you create (and host) your website.

There’s Lots of New TLD’s Available on’s Website:

Although a lot of people are usually eager to purchase these top-level domains, you do not have to stick to the same pattern. This is because the best names with these extensions have already been picked and you might not have the chance to register them. If this is the case with you, you can then pick the other names such as .mobi, .me, .us among others. But in addition to those domains, there’s .COUPONS, .HOSTING, and lots of new domain name extensions you can register right now on their website. Just be warned: some of these new domain extension can be expensive…so use our 35% off code at the top of our list!