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GoDaddy Coupon Codes For March 2018:


  • Save 35% Off All New GoDaddy Hosting Plans, Domains, Website Builders and More!

    Redeem this discount code at checkout to save 35% off nearly all new products that GoDaddy offers: website builders,
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  • Get GoDaddy’s Economy Hosting for just $1/month:

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    Get your website live for just $1/month when you use this promo code at checkout. This includes a free domain name registration, so you will get a hosting plan and a domain name for just $12 for your first year.
  • Save 50% Off All GoDaddy Hosting Plans:

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    Take a full 50% off all new shared GoDaddy hosting packages. This includes their Beginner, Deluxe and Ultimate hosting plans.
  • Register a .COM Domain Name For 99 Cents:

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    Right now you can register the most popular domain extension in the world for just 99 cents when you use this promo code at checkout. You can only use this coupon once per customer.
  • Get WordPress Hosting For Just $1/Month:

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    Get a WordPress hosting plan for just $1/month (that’s 86% off the regular price!). The hosting plan comes with automatic WordPress installation and software updates. If you want to host more than one website, this coupon will also give you a discount on the WordPress Deluxe and Ultimate hosting plans as well.
  • Take 25% Off SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates:

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    Protect your website and its visitors with an SSL certificate. Save 25% off the regular price when when you use this discount code. Google now shows a ‘not secure’ label for websites that ask for information (including email addresses or search bars), but aren’t encrypted with SSL. This will create more trust in your website from its visitors.
  • Save 34% Off All New Purchases:

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    This is another multi-purpose code that’ll save you 34% off qualifying purchases. This can be used for new products only.
  • Take 30% Off All GoDaddy Products:

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    Use this coupon code to save 30% off all new qualifying purchases. Exclusions include gift cards. Click through to view all products included in this promotion.
  • Register a .CLUB Domain Name for Just $14.99 and Get a 2nd Year Free:

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    Whether you want to start a new website with a .CLUB domain, or are interested in brand management (i.e. owning your company name in all the domain extensions), you can register a .CLUB domain name for $14.99 for the first year, and you’ll get the second year free when you use this discount code.
  • Start Your .US Website with a Domain Registration for Just $3.99:

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    This is a great deal: register a .US domain name for $3.99. This is over 70% off the regular price.
  • Get a .NET Domain Name for $8.99:

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    This is the same code from the top of this post: register a .COM or .NET for $8.99.
  • Buy .CA Domains for $9.99/Year

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    Connect with Canadian customers by registering a .CA version of your domain name.
  • Save 30% Off Domain Privacy:

    Save 30% off GoDaddy’s domain name privacy. If you don’t use this service, then your name, address and phone number will become available on the publicly available WHOIS-database.
  • Up to 30% Off Microsoft Office 365:

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    You can use Microsoft’s Office anywhere with this cloud-based Office program. When you use this promo code, you’ll save up to 30% off your Office 365 subscription.

Everything you need to know About GoDaddy:

godaddy promo code

Today, there are a lot web hosting companies that you can work with. Some of these work only for you if you can pay annual fees, while others allow you to buy their services even when you can only afford to pay monthly rates. The GoDaddy unlimited hosting plan would seem to be just like any one of these, except for closer examination. When you sign up for this hosting plan with GoDaddy, expect the following benefits. is the world’s largest domain registrar and web hosting provider: servicing over 45 million domain names to date. Aside from hosting, it also sells e-business related software and services.

Unlimited Space.

Unlimited disk space is one of the unique features of the GoDaddy unlimited hosting plan. Here, you do not need to keep on worrying about how much space your data is taking from your limit. Such a feature is usually very good to those people who operate very active websites that demand a lot of content to be added regularly. This is also the case if you want to have videos, music clips, and even e-books. Such a hosting plan is also good if you are operating a website with a lot of user-generated content and you do not want to keep on watching your back to see whether you are exceeding the limit.

Unlimited Monthly Transfer.

This is also another feature of the GoDaddy unlimited hosting option. It is usually very appropriate for those websites which have huge amounts of traffic. In fact, your only job is to ensure that you have as much traffic as possible and that you don’t worry whether you will exceed your monthly quota with too much traffic.

1000 Email Addresses.

The economy plan offers 100 emails, the deluxe plan 500 emails and this plan offers 1000 emails. If you are an organization that needs 1000 emails, then you are a big organization, and you deserve all the unlimited features.

With an unlimited hosting plan, you are allowed as many domains as possible, so long as you do not seem to be hosting domains for the sake of utilizing all of “your” unlimited space.

If you are planning to go with GoDaddy unlimited hosting, then you should be willing to spend at least $15 per month for the 3-month payment option. The figure comes to as low as $12.74 per month if you choose the 3-year option.

Website Building and Managing Features.

Website building tools and templates come free with your paid hosting. With upgraded website builder, GoDaddy offers new, fresh and stunning website design templates. Installing scripts such as WordPress,

Zen Cart, Drupal, and Joomla are made completely user-friendly that you can customize your site however you want to. They also run dedicated WordPress servers for optimal user experience. Deluxe and Ultimate plan showcase mobile-friendly capable websites – this is great especially that people now are more on-the-go and browse the internet in their phones often!

Up-time guarantee of 99.9%, day and night, is maintained through very high-end facilities. Very promising to hear but some may have troubles setting up GoDaddy databases and webmails. Websites can take a lot of time to load than normal perhaps due to massively oversell shared hosting and; some web manager options do not work because of the overly stuffed control panel.

Customer Support.

GoDaddy makes it simple for clients to contact them at times they need help. Being a big firm, they introduced several venues to where customers can get timely support. Customers can call, send an email or create a trouble ticket to ask assistance. There are several online resources available as well, such as support articles, FAQ section, and some online forums.

Currently, there are so many web hosting companies offering “unlimited” hosting. Unfortunately, some of these web hosting companies also have unlimited issues. You, therefore, need to be extremely careful.

Although a lot of people are usually eager to purchase these top-level domains, you do not have to stick to the same pattern. This is because the best names with these extensions have already been picked and you might not have the chance to register them. If this is the case with you, you can then pick the other names such as .mobi, .me, .us among others. You won’t lose much.

Choosing the right Web Hosting Company regarding reliability and standard of service is crucial to ensuring the smooth running of your website or bog. Choosing the right hosting or domain registrar can be quite difficult. If you would like to host with GoDaddy, you should start the GoDaddy Unlimited hosting now.