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Lifeproof Coupon Codes

Lifeproof Coupons and Discount Codes for April 2018:

Lifeproof is known for making cases that are water, shock, dirt and snow proof. Lifeproof makes cases for all Apple devices and many of the most popular android smartphones and tablet models. Click the coupons below to reveal the promo code. You will be taken to Lifeproof’s website, where you can enter the code in their shopping cart. Scroll past the coupons to learn a little more about Lifeproof, as well as more resources where you can follow Lifeproof.

The Best Lifeproof Coupon Codes Right Now:

    • Save 20% Off Site-Wide and Free Shipping on all Orders over $50:

      For the month of August, Lifeproof has an End of Summer promotion where they are offering 20% off all cases and accessories. No promo code required to redeem this offer.
    • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal: Save 25% Off

      For Cyber Weekend, Lifeproof is offering everything for $25 off at No promo code required for this offer.
    • Save 10% Off Site-Wide…Including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

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      Save 10% off all Lifeproof accessories when you use this exclusive discount code. On top of that, you also get free shipping on all orders over $50.
    • 50% Off LifeActiv Accessories From LifeProof. Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

      This is a great sale on LifeActiv accessories: 50% off! No promo code required.
      Just click on the red coupon button to view all the accessories included in this promotion.
    • Save 25% Off Select Lifeproof Cases!

      Lifeproof has just added a few of their most popular cases to the 25% off section of their website. Included in this sale:
      iPhone 6 NUUD Case
      Galaxy S6 FRE Case
      iPad Mini FRE Case
      and many more. Also these cases come with free shipping on orders over $50.
    • Save 10% Off Site-Wide…Plus an Extra 10% On Top:

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      Lifeproof is currently offering everything on their website (minus the brand-new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases) for 10% off. But you can use our exclusive promo code on top to save an extra 10% off everything on Lifeproof’s website. That means you can save an extra 20% off your case. ‘Stackable’ promotions like this are rare. Again, the only exception is the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases. But Lifeproof indicated to us that they may start including the 6S models in this promotion, so stay tuned! This promo code expires December 31st.
    • Save 10% and Get Free 2-Day Shipping Off New iPhone 6 Fre Colors!

      Lifeproof is offering 10% off their new colors for the iPhone 6 Fre case. You also get free 2-day shipping with your purchase. No promo code required. Just click the red coupon button and you’ll be taken directly to a page with all of the discounted cases.
    • Site-wide Sale: Save 10% Off All Lifeproof Cases and Accessories (except iPhone 6s):

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      Right now, Lifeproof is offering 10% off all Lifeproof cases on their website (except for iPhone 6s cases. You can also save 10% off accessories. On top of that, they are offering free express shipping (2-day). No promo code required, the discounts will be automatically apply on their website.
    • New iPhone 6S Fre Case Ready For Pre-Order!

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      Lifeproof has announced that they have began taking pre-orders for their new iPhone 6S case. If you pre-order now, then you’ll get it sometime in September. This red coupon button will take you directly to their pre-order button.
    • Get Free 2-Day Shipping on all Lifeproof Products…including the iPhone 6 Nuud Cases!

      Best Deal! Lifeproof is offering free 2-day shipping on all products at No promo code required to take advantage of this offer. They have also just released the iPhone 6 Nuud case in multiple colors!
    • Save up to 30% Off Lifeproof Classic Gear!

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      Use this promo code to save an extra 30% off classic Lifeproof gear for the month of February. Included in this sale are: Galaxy S4 cases, iPad Air cases, and iPhone 5/5S Cases. There is no promo code, but instead click the red coupon button to visit the dedicated sales page.
    • Save 50% Off All Lifeproof iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 Case Accessories:

      From now until the end of the year, Lifeproof is offering 50% off all accessories for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s. There is no promo code required, but instead the red coupon button takes you to a special landing page where all the deals are featured.
    • 25% Off iPhone 5/5S Cases:

      Lifeproof is offering all Fre cases for the iPhone 5 and 5S for 25% off. They are also offering free shipping on all orders over $50 (within the U.S.).
    • $13 Off iPad 2/3/4 Nuud Case and Cover/Stand

      Lifeproof’s famous iPad Nuud case in sale for $116.99 (regularly $129.99). This includes the case itself, plus the cover/stand.
    • Free Shipping on Orders over $50

      By default, all orders over $50 qualify for free shipping (within the U.S.). Lifeproof also has free shipping to Europe on all orders over 100 EUR. VAT (the British sales tax) and customs fees may also apply to your order.

How to Use Lifeproof Coupon Codes:

We’ve created a quick little guide to make using these promo codes as simple and straightforward as possible.

After you select your desired Lifeproof product, head to the online shopping cart.

lifeproof - where to enter coupon codes

See where it says: “Discount Codes”? Enter one of the promo codes from our list above and click “Apply Coupon”.

If the code doesn’t work, you’ll get this message:

Coupon Code “Example” is not valid.

If the code is valid and works, you’ll get this message:

coupon code applied success

Feel free to try multiple promo codes to see which ones gives you the most savings. After that all you need to do is select your type of shipping and then complete the order.

All About Lifeproof’s Cases:

all about lifeproof
Lifeproof’s smartphone cases are best known for guaranteeing their cases to be ‘four proofs’: water-proof, shock-proof, dirt-proof and snow-proof. Lifeproof’s main focus is to provide complete protection while preserving full functionality. They are best known for their ‘nuud’ design, which does not cover the smartphone’s screen but still manages to be completely waterproof (the case uses pressure to create a waterproof seal).

Lifeproof’s target audience tends to be active, outdoorsy types. Although if you know someone that has a tendency to drop their phone in to sinks, puddles and the like then these cases are built for them as well (it’s kind of like Fisher-Price for adults!). They also sell lots of accessories to support their customers’ active lifestyles: flotation devices, bike mounts, photography mounts, and more.

All cases come with a one year warranty. However, the warranty only covers the case itself, not the smartphone/tablet inside. In response to customer demand, Lifeproof now offers extra electronic device insurance where they will replace your device if its damaged while contained in a Lifeproof case. The cost is usually $5-$10 on top of the cost of the case.

A Little History on Lifeproof The Company:

lifeproof coupon codes
The company was founded in 2009 by an Australian entrepreneur named Gary Rayner.

In September, 2013, Otterbox (another tough-case manufacturer) announced that they had acquired Lifeproof. Otterbox had previously filed a lawsuit against Lifeproof claiming that the company had infringed on Otterbox’s copyright in their design. After the acquisition, however, the case was thrown out (I guess you can’t sue yourself?).

Where is Lifeproof Located?

Lifeproof is headquartered in San Diego, California. You could probably tell that it would be located somewhere close to a major surfing location, right?

The Lifeproof Lifestyle on Youtube:

Lifeproof encourages its users to take pictures or shoot videos of themselves using Lifeproof cases in all kinds of situations. Just tag your photos and videos: #LiveLifeProof and you may get featured on their website. Here’s a cool example of people going out surfing while using their cases:

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