Logitech Coupon Codes

Logitech Coupon

Logitech is the worlds largest provider of computer peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and gaming accessories. Below is a list of their current deals and coupons running, if it’s a special offer all you will need to do is click on the button to follow the link to the deals page and you will see the discount already applied. If it’s a coupon, click on the button to reveal the coupon (this will also take you to the Logitech website) and then you can enter the coupon code when you get to the shopping cart page.

Latest Coupons April 2018

  • Save $30 on Orion Spectrum Gaming Keyboards + free shipping!

    When it comes to gaming keyboards the Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum is one of the best! The keys are incredibly responsive with a switch actuation point 25% shorter than your average keyboard, and 40% more durable. The keys are backlit and you can customize what colors you’d like them to be. There are also media controls on the keyboard so that you can control your music without having to exit your game.
  • Free Shipping on any order over $49

    When you order $49 or more worth of merchandise you qualify for free shipping. Just click on this button, make your selections totaling over $49 and the discount for shipping will be automatically applied to your shopping cart, no coupon code necessary!
  • Up to 23% off of bundled items

    Save when you buy bundles of two or more items that go together such as keyboards, mice, and computer speakers.
  • Special deals on dented or Refurbished items

    Sometimes during shipping or stocking there can be cosmetic denting of the boxes,
    but the merchandise inside is still fully intact and under warranty. Or somebody returns an item after using it for a day and it’s still in near new condition. From time to time Logitech has some of these items available on their special offers page and the savings can be significant!

How to Use these Coupon Codes:

Sometimes it can be difficult to find where to enter and apply coupon codes, so we’ve created this visual guide to help you through the process.

Step 1:
First, find the product(s) that you’d like to purchase and add them to the shopping cart by clicking on the yellow ‘Add to Cart’ button. This will take you directly to the shopping cart page, if you are not finished shopping, repeat the process until you have all the items that you would like to purchase.
Logitech Coupon Code

Step 2:
When you are ready to check out return to the shopping cart page, near the bottom there will be a blue link that says ‘Coupon Code’, click on it to expand the box where you enter the code.
Logitech Coupon Code

Step 3:
After clicking on the ‘Coupon Code’ link a box will appear labeled ‘Coupon or Promotional Code (Optional)’ and that is where you can enter the code. After you have typed or pasted it in, hit the ‘Apply’ button just to the right of it. The shopping cart page will update right away and let you know if the code was valid or not and what your savings are.
Logitech Coupon Code

About Logitech

Logitech has been in business since 1981, the computer mouse was brand new at the time and revolutionizing the way people used computers. The focused on reinventing the mouse to better serve PC users, and over time they became the world leader in computer mice. They shipped their one billionth mouse in December of 2008. Nowadays they offer a broad range of computer peripherals and have branched out into the console game, home entertainment, and digital music markets as well. Founded and headquartered in Switzerland, their products are sold around the world and they are constantly working on how to create a better experience for their users. They also have offices in Europe, Asia, and North and Sough America.

Around the Web

Logitech on Facebook – Logitech posts tips and tricks, product reviews, and excerpts from their blog posts on their Facebook page. There is also a Support section if you need help.

Logitech on Twitter – Logitech actually runs a couple of Twitter accounts, there gaming one can be found here and their digital music account is here. The main account features lots of product review from other Twitter users, photos, and links and articles that may be of interest to their customers.

Logitech on Youtube

Logitech has a Youtube channel specifically for their gaming products, which are the bread and butter of their business. They have product reviews and overviews, features on eSports, as well as general videos about gaming. Here is a video overview of their Orion Spectrum keyboard, which also happens to be on sale for $30 off right now!

Logitech Product Line

Their product lines include:

For computers

  • mice
  • speakers
  • webcams
  • keyboards

For tablets

  • keyboards
  • cases
  • covers

For the home

  • remotes
  • digital security

For gaming

  • mice
  • keyboards
  • headsets
  • controllers

Digital music

  • wireless speakers
  • earphones

Logitech Gaming Peripherals

One of the areas that Logitech has really set itself apart is in the world of peripherals for PC gaming. When you’re playing games online, whether it’s just for fun or competitively, milliseconds count so having the most responsive and up to date technology available can make the difference between winning and losing.

Brilliant RBG Illumination

Not only do these products perform at the highest level, they also look amazing. The RGB Illuminated keyboards made by Logitech can show up to 16.8 million (yes, million!) colors in RGB in the backlighting of the keyboard. And we’re not just talking about picking one pretty color to light up your keys, the backlighting can change and react along with the mood of the game, your character, or events that are happening in real time with special highlighting for command keys. You can choose from over 300 pre-sets or you can program your own. You can also sync your lighting effects with your other Logitech G products so that they will all match and work in tandem, how cool is that? If you are a game developer who is reading this and thinking, “Wow that sounds cool I’d really like to add some pre-sets for my game” no problem, Logitech provides a developer SDK for you to do that!

Which products support the RGB illumination?

  • Logitech Pro keyboards
  • Logitech G Orion keyboards
  • Logitech G Atlas keyboards
  • Logitech G Prodigy keyboards
  • Logitech G Prodigy mice
  • Logitech G Proteus Spectrum mice
  • Logitech Pro gaming mice
  • Logitech G Artemis Spectrum and Artemis Spectrum Snow headsets

Romer-G Mechanical Keyboards

If speed is what you are after, then this is the keyboard for you. Romer-G keyboards from Logitech are up to 25% faster than other mechanical keyboards because they actuate at 1.55mm and only require 45g of force. That might not sound significant, but it means that it has near instant responsiveness to commands and your fingers won’t fatigue even with long gaming sessions. The average mechanical keyboard takes 6.7ms to respond, and the Romer-G responds in 5.0ms. Even the design of the keys themselves is streamlined to provide the highest level of accuracy and responsiveness. The shape of the keys is faceted to help keep your fingers centered on the keys and and for improved responsiveness to edge strikes. Things can get fast and furious in an intense game, and the Romer-G will help make sure that you hit the right key every time. They are also built to last, they are 40% more durable than their top competitor and are tested for 70-million keystrokes. That’s a lot of gaming! The LED lighting is designed to focus the light through the top of the key and reduce light-leakage for a cleaner and more attractive look.

Lightspeed Mice

If you are a competitive gamer or just a very serious hobbyist latency between when you click your mouse and when the response is relayed to the game can be a problem, especially with wireless mice. Let’s face it, at the pro level milliseconds really do matter. Logitech developed the Lightspeed mouse to address this issue, and in many cases the Lightspeed mouse actually outperforms it’s wired counterparts. No dropped connections and excellent stability. This was meticulously developed and prototyped for each component that went into it to produce the fastest possible wireless gaming mouse for even the most data-saturated games. They started with the slowest component of the old wireless mouse and improved it until it was at max speed, then moved onto the next component, and the next, and the next…

Not having a wire also means that you don’t have to worry about cords getting wrapped around something, or dragging slowly and compromising your in-game performance. The Logitech G wireless mice were actually the first ones to be used to eSports professional tournaments and many of the pros rely on them to give them the edge over their competition.

eSports Sponsorships

As a manufacturer of the top professional gaming peripherals in the business it was only natural for Logitech to sponsor various eSports professional players and tournaments. You can see their products being used by team members of Cloud9, TSM, Millenium, Chiefs, DetonatioN, and Invictus Gaming.