NHL promo codes

NHL Promo Codes

NHL Coupons for April 2018:

Headquartered in New York City, the NHL is considered to be the end-all-be-all of ice hockey leagues in the world today. There are a total of 30 clubs, and 23 of them belong to the US whereas the remaining 7 are located in Canada.

Are you the type to show your allegiance to your favourite team? Do you collect hockey memorabilia as an enjoyable past time? The NHL Shop has almost an infinite number of products from hats, jerseys, key chains, video games, workout gear, replica Stanley Cups, and more. Whatever it is you’re after our coupons will provide you with the savings you’re looking for.

Below, you will find our round-up of NHL coupons. Please browse all of them first before finally settling on your choice as there are a fair number of them.

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Best NHL Coupons Right Now:

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Fun, Random Facts Every Hockey Fan Needs to Know:

The NHL met its inception in Montreal on November 26, 1917 after the National Hockey Association—its predecessor—was suspended. As it stepped into the wide world of sports the NHL consisted of only four Canadian teams. In 1924, the organization spread into the United States joined by the Boston Bruins that same year. Today, the league draws from a talent pool of players from a multitude of varying backgrounds and countries (approx 20 in total).

Bobby Orr, who played for the Boston Bruins, signed the first million dollar contract with the NHL in 1971. The club paid him $200,000 a year for five years. If you look at inflation his yearly salary now accounts for more than his original contract at the amount of $1,188,567.

The first hockey puck was a frozen chunk of cow dung, dating the game back to its outdoor roots. As the puck evolved it was eventually made of sliced up rubber lacross balls. In fact, the word “puck” did not even come about until February 7th 1876, when it was first mentioned in the Montreal Gazette. On average, 11 pucks are used in every NHL game.

It has been said that the game of ice hockey dates back to the 1700’s, but no one can say for sure. The first organized indoor game was on March 3rd, 1875 at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal, Quebec. The same location was used for the first Stanely Cup playoff games in 1894.

Unlike the NBA you don’t have to be a lumbering giant to play hockey. Roy Waters, a goalie for the Pittsburg Pirates, New York Americans and Montreal Canadians, was only 5 foot 3 inches. Between the years 1925-1937 he played a total of 484 games.

Surprisingly it was not until 1997 that a safety rule was passed, forcing all NHL hockey players to wear helmets.

During the regular season (before the playoffs) the two opposing teams are required to play a sudden death match in overtime to try and break the tie. When the playoff season comes around the game keeps going until one team beats the other. In 1936 the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons played until the sixth overtime period, adding up to approximately three full games in one evening.

NHL on the Web:

When you’re as big as the NHL you’ve got no choice but to have a massive team of individuals handling your social media presence. With almost 5 million followers the NHL Facebook page is ripe with pickings from play-by-play coverage, news about the most popular players, contests, game highlights, historic trivia, and fantasy league information.

The NHL are also very active on their Twitter account, providing their fans with with the latest game news and links to blog write-ups about current hockey superstars. Find out who’s ranking on the leaderboards, and watch countless videos of replays from the current season.

Not into Facebook? No worries, the NHL Shop also maintains a Google+ page.

They have a Pinterest account?! Yes, with boards of all of their merchandise and collections!

NHL on Youtube:

With as rich a history as the NHL has accumulated over the years it’s no surprise that they have over 33,000 videos on their youtube channel. Highlights, locker room interviews, and talks from inside the situation room can be found here. Recently a heart felt video called “Two Places” was released, celebrating the concept that a player can support both his country and his city. This essentially acknowledges that there are many players who can be in two different places at once. Check it out below:

Return Information

What happens if you order your jersey, only to discover that it’s the wrong size when it arrives? Not a problem, the NHL Shop has a 90-day hassle-free return policy. If it doesn’t fit, simply return it for a size that does. If it gets there and you decided that you just don’t like it for any reason, you can return the merchandise for a full refund. It should probably go without saying, but any returned merchandise must be unworn (or unused, if it’s not clothing) and you need to keep the original tags and labels on it.

Keep in mind that if you are returning merchandise for a refund that this may not be an overnight process. It can take 7-10 business for the item to get back to the warehouse, then they will need time to inspect the merchandise and process the return which can take up to another 10 days. Once the refund is processed it may take 2 to 7 more business days for it to show that on your credit card statement.

Returns are easy to do, just submit your information via their online Returns Center.

ShopRunner and Shop.NHL.com

Shop.NHL.com has partnered with ShopRunner to get you free 2 day shipping and returns on many of the products they sell. What is ShopRunner? It’s similar to Amazon Prime in that you pay a yearly fee to join, but then you can enjoy it’s benefits and savings as much as you like during that one-year period. If you do a lot of shopping online, it can quickly pay for itself by giving you free shipping. Beyond the free 2-day shipping and free returns, you also get an express checkout at any participating retailers. Unlike Amazon Prime, you can use this service on many different websites and with many different retail partners. ShopRunner yearly memberships are $79.99, the same as Amazon Prime, and you are able to add up to 4 members of your household for free. They also have a mobile app for smartphones and tablets where you can browse and shop all of their participating retailers.

Top Selling Items and Gift Ideas

Not surprisingly, the bulk of what the NHL store sells is jerseys. What better way to support your team than wearing the jersey of your favourite player? They have everyone from Sidney Crosby to Evgeni Malkin to PK Subban and more. Jerseys come in many sizes and in mens, ladies, and childrens fits. You may be surprised at the diversity of the items offered in the NHL shop, it’s not just jerseys and hats anymore. In terms of apparel you can get all kinds of t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeved shirts, underwear, socks, and even baby clothing so that the littlest fans can show their support! You can accessorize with jewelry, hair ribbons and bows, face and body paints, nail polish, foam fingers, and even masks. For the home you can purchase NHL team themed toys, Christmas ornaments for your tree, bobbleheads, barbeque and grilling equipment, team-themed drink refrigerators, mugs, wall art, lamps, flags, blankets, sheet sets, the list really goes on and on. If you are looking for a gift for the mega-fan in your life, there are so many great options for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, or Fathers Day.