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Norton Security Promo Codes for April 2018

Security is crucial when using any kind of connected device. If you are going to access the internet, you are going to expose yourself to the risk of cyber crime – it’s just that simple. Of course, you can help to defend yourself by using a service such as Norton Security. Norton has long been one of the leaders in computer security, as millions of users have trusted this brand name through the years. It would be a mistake to use a connected device without the protection of a service like Norton Security, so be sure to carefully review your options and always be sure you have something in place.

If you are like most people in the 21st century, you likely have more than one device that you use on a regular basis. In fact, you probably have several, including a computer, laptop, tablet, phone, and more. If you have a family which includes a spouse and kids, it is easy to see how you could have as many as 10 devices or more under one roof that need to be protected. To get the protection you need without breaking the bank, please check out the Norton Security coupon codes we have listed below. These coupons will help you save significantly without leaving your devices vulnerable to attack.

Best Norton Security Coupons Right Now:

    • Save up to $60 Off Norton Security Products:

      You can save up to $60 off Norton Security Products right now: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Security packages are all on sale. No promo code required: instead this is a link-activated discount where the discount is applied automatically.
    • Get Norton Utilities For 30% Off:

      Get Norton Utilities for $19.99 (that’s 30% off!) for a limited time only. No promo code required.
    • Get Norton’s Wifi Privacy For Just $7.99:

      Protect yourself from people snooping on your browsing habits with Norton’s wifi privacy. Their packages includes protection for up to 5 devices. No promo code required.
    • Get Norton 360 (Now Called Norton Security Premium) For just $59.99:

      Norton’s popular ‘Norton 360’ product is now called Norton Security Premium…and it has even more features than before! Right now you can get it for just $59.99. No promo code required for this offer.
    • Save $30 Off Norton Anti-Virus:

      For a limited time, you can save $30 off Norton Anti-Virus, which is Norton’s most popular product. No discount code required for this offer.


  • Get Norton Family Premier for only $49.99

    Get Norton’s Family Premier for just $49.99.

A Little Background Info on Norton Security:

Norton is a brand that is owned by Symantec, the largest cyber security company in the world. There are a variety of security packages offered under the Norton brand name, from Basic all the way up to Premium. One of the most popular new options is Norton 360, which is a cloud-based security service that offers virus protection and malware removal. In addition to security products for consumers, Norton also has products aimed at small businesses, as well as a variety of other services that can be used to improve your computing experience.

Symantec acquired the Norton name back in 1990 and it has been one of the most-recognized across the world since that time. There have been many versions to come along since Symantec began marketing Norton products, with a number of innovative features first hitting the market as part of this line. While a variety of other options exist for computer and internet security, you would be wise to at least consider choosing Norton Security for your needs.

Norton has recently updated their popular Norton 360 product and renamed it Norton Security Premium service. It’s part of their product line that also includes their Standard and Deluxe products. They also offer protection services against Ransomware, as well as Wifi Privacy (which is a VPN Service), Family Premier (for families), as well as small business protection services.

Norton’s parent company Symantec also recently acquired a security start-up called SkyCure, which is an artificial-intelligence cybersecurity technology. It has also acquired Fireglass, which is a browser isolation security company. Earlier last year, it also made a massive acquisition of LifeLock…to the tune of $2.3 Billion.

Norton Security on the Web:

One of the most useful ways that social media can be applied to a business is by offering support to customers. Norton does that beautifully with their @NortonSupport Twitter account. If you need help with anything related to your Norton software, this account is a great place to start. They regularly post tips to help you work through any problems you may be having, and they are quick to respond when you send them a message. All in all, you are very likely to find this Twitter account to be something that is helpful to you from time to time.

Norton’s Facebook page is also worth adding to your feed, as it has gained more than 1.3 million likes over the years. While there isn’t content posted to this site each day, the posts that are added tend to be useful hints about how to keep yourself safe while computing. Twitter may still be your best bet when looking for timely support, but don’t overlook this Facebook page as a source of helpful information as well.

Norton Security on YouTube:

Just as they do with Twitter and Facebook, Norton also manages to do a good job of putting YouTube to use as a Channel of communication with its customers. There are a number of helpful videos that can teach you how to be smart while online, such as a recent posting titled “Just how vulnerable are you on public Wi-Fi?” A new video goes up on this channel every couple weeks, and you will likely find them interesting if you are concerned with safety online.