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Red Roof Inn Coupon Codes

Red Roof Inn Coupons for April 2018:

Welcome to our round-up of coupon codes and promotional offers for Red Roof Inn! The discount hotel-chain offers several different ways to save: there are senior and military discounts that don’t require promo codes (but require proof upon check-in), and there are other offers that do require coupon codes to be entered on their website. We’ve provided a list of all the potential ways to save below, and try to explain when you need a promo code and when you don’t.

Feel free to scroll past the coupons to learn some cool facts about the Red Roof Inn. Which state did Red Roof Inn open their first hotel? Find out below!

Best Coupons for the Red Roof Inn:

  • Save 15% Off When You Stay with a Pet:

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    From now until the end of November, guests traveling with pets can save 15% off their next stay at the Red Roof Inn when you use this VP code at checkout.
  • Red Roof Inn’s Seniors Coupon: Save 15% Off Bookings!

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    Right now Red Roof Inn is offering a special VP code for seniors: save an extra 15% off bookings when you use this code. Proof of age will be required when you check in to your room.
  • Book now and save 15% Off your next stay at Red Roof Inn with this VP code:

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    Use this coupon code to save 15% off your stay. No minimum purchase requirements. If you need a quick room this is the most straightforward discount.
  • Pet’s Stay Free Extended:

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    Travel with your pets, they stay for Free and you save 15% off your next stay at Red Roof Inn
  • Get 15% Off on All Stays:

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    With this coupon code you get 15% off on all stays with the Red Roof Inn.
  • Save 10% Off with our Pets:

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    Stay with your pet and save 10%.
  • Save 20% Off Advance Bookings (more than 10 days in advance):

    If you book more than 10 days in advance you can save 20% of hotel bookings at the Red Roof Inn. This isn’t a coupon code, but instead when you book your hotel room (at least 10 days in advance) and pay upfront, then the discount will automatically take effect.
  • Save 10% Off Your Stay With AAA Membership:

    Red Roof Inn offers a 10% discount to AAA members. To take advantage of this discount when booking online, click on “see additional rates” on their website to bring up AAA-discounted rates. You’ll need to present your AAA membership card when you check in.
  • Save 20% Off Your Stay When Going on a Cruise:

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    This is called the “snooze and cruise” promotion. If you need a place to stay before or after going on a cruise, you can use this coupon code to save 20% off your stay. This promotion is only for select locations. Click on the red coupon button above to view a full list of the available hotels.

How To Use These Promo Codes:

Every online website seems to hide their “promo code area” in a different spot, and Red Roof Inn is no different. We created this step-by-step guide to make sure that you don’t miss the promo code while booking your hotel room:

  1. Red Roof Inn puts their promo code box right on the front page when you first look up the hotel. See those entry fields where it asks you to look up a city and then enter your check-in and check-out dates? There’s an entry field there that says: VP+/PROMO
  2. Enter the promo code into that entry field:
    red roof inn - how to use coupon codes
  3. Click “FIND AN INN
  4. And you’re done! The discounted pricing automatically takes effect on the next page.

A Brief History of the Red Roof Inn:

Where did the phrase “Sleep Cheap” come from?

When Red Roof Inn first came onto the scene in the early 70’s, it was competing with a number of other discount motel chains like Motel 6 and Days Inn. The catchphrase “sleep cheap” caught on and became a popular slogan associated with the Red Roof Inn. However, in the late 70’s rising prices meant that these discount motel chains had to raise prices and the slogan became more of a sore point than a selling point.

How many Red Roof Inn’s are there?

Currently there are 326 hotels across the United States.

Who owns the Red Roof Inn Hotel Chain?

This is good question…but a tangled one. Red Roof Inn was purchased by Accor (a French hotel group that owns the Motel 6 brand) in 1999 for 1.15 Billion.
Then in 2007, Accor sold the hotel chain to Citigroup Global Special Situations Group and Westbridge Hospitality Fund LP (now say that 3 times fast!) for 1.6 Billion. The initial plan was to re-brand some of Red Roof Inn’s properties into Motel 6’s, but then Accor decided to sell the rights to its Motel 6 brand in 2012.

Today Red Roof Inn has been renovating and upgrading their existing properties and creating Red Roof Plus, which are higher-end properties with modern furniture, HDTV’s, LED lighting and more.

Where Did The First Red Roof Inn Open?

The first hotel to open was in Columbus, Ohio, way back in 1973. The oldest Red Roof Inn that is still open is located in East Cork Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It also opened in 1973 (although it was renovated in 2004).

What sets Red Roof Inn Apart?

In a word: pets. The entire hotel chain is pet-friendly. Nothing is more annoying than travelling around and having hotels turn you away because you have a pet. Approximately 37-47% of American households have dogs (source), so its refreshing to see a hotel chain be concerned more about customer needs and not the cost of carpet cleaning.

Click here to read all about RRI’s Pet Regulations.

I’m not done with the dogs. What else can you tell me?

Well, since you twisted my arm: RRI also has a Facebook page dedicated to their love of pets. You can submit a photo of your pet staying in one of their hotels.

How else (other than coupons) can I save money on hotel rooms?

You can save $5 off your next stay when you download the Red Roof App on your smartphone. There are both Android and iPhone versions of their app. If you book a hotel room through their app, they will text you a custom code you can use to save $5 off your next stay.

Around the Web:

Red Roof Inn on Facebook – Follow them on Facebook for exclusive discount offerings that they do not offer anywhere else. If you stay with Red Roof Inn frequently then following their Facebook page is definitely worth it.

RRI on Twitter – Another valuable place to follow Red Roof Inn (they definitely take social media seriously!). The Twitter feed is a very active place where you can engage with Red Roof Inn directly if you want to give feedback (they will respond!).

Red Roof Inn on YouTube:

The hotel chain has their own YouTube channel. This is a cool video where they showcase their new “Red Roof Plus” hotels. Unfortunately it has an advertisement at the beginning. Don’t they realize that the whole purpose of a YouTube channel is to advertise yourself to consumers?