southwest vacations promo code

Southwest Vacations Promo Code

Southwest Vacations Coupon Codes for April 2018

The biggest low-cost airline in the world, Southwest Airlines was founded back in 1967. Southwest Vacations is the vacation packages division of Southwest Airlines, allowing customers to get a good deal on a variety of vacation-related goods and services. If you would like to save even more on top of the package savings, be sure to use the coupon codes we have tracked down below.

Southwest Vacations frequently offers promo codes to help you save on their vacation packages to popular destinations like Disney World, Mexico and Hawaii. We strive to collect all these codes and let you know exactly how to qualify for these deals. For example, most require a minimum stay of 3 nights or more at a hotel. Of course, if you’re going on vacation, why would you stay less? We’ll continue to update these vacation deals as soon as Southwest Vacations releases them to the public.

Best Southwest Vacations Coupons Right Now (Newest Coupons Listed First):

  • Book a Vacation Package and Save up to $200 Off Any Destination:

    Right now Southwest Vacations has all destinations on sale: save up to $200 instantly when you book your trip. No promo code required. Instead, book your vacation as you normally would and the discount will automatically apply when you visit their shopping cart.
  • Save up to $150 When You Book a Flight + Hotel Package of $1,500 or more to Jamaica:

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    This is a site-wide sale that Southwest Vacations is having: book a flight and hotel package to Jamaica totalling $1500 or more and you’ll save $150 when you use this coupon code. Valid until February 5th.
  • Florida Sale: Save $100 Off Flight and Hotel Package, Plus Save on your ‘Magic Your Way Ticket’:

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    Book a flight + hotel package to Florida and save up to $100 when you use this promo code. You can also get a 6-Day Magic Your Way Ticket for the price of a 3-day ticket.
  • Book a flight + hotel package of 3+ nights to Caesars Entertainment hotels in Las Vegas, Reno, or Lake Tahoe, and save $50:

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    Vegas is calling! Save $50 on your vacation package when you book with one of Caesars Entertainment hotels in either Las Vegas, Reno, or Lake Tahoe.
  • Save $100 Off Your Southwest Vacations booking to Domestic Destinations:

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    Travelling domestically? Use this promo code to save $100 off the total cost of your booking.
  • Book a flight + Sandals® Resorts vacation package and save $200 + save up to 65% on your hotel stay:

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    This Sandals Resorts deal is sweet: most vacation packages are discounted by up to 65% off (it varies depending on which Sandals Resort you’re staying with). Plus, you can save $200 off the total cost of your booking when you use this coupon code upon checkout.
  • Book a flight + hotel vacation package of $1,500 or more at IBEROSTAR Hotels and Resorts and save $150…plus more savings.

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    Book your flight and hotel vacation package to Iberostar Hotels and Resorts and save $150 when you use this coupon code.
  • Book a flight + Disneyland® Resort Hotel vacation package and save up to 20% on your stay.

    Book your flight and your vacation package to Disneyland® Resort Hotel before November 16th and save up to 20% on your stay. Disneyland® is waiting for you!
  • Book a flight + hotel package to Universal Orlando Resort and save up to 35% on your hotel stay at select onsite hotels!

    With this promo code, you save up to 35% off your hotel stay and enjoy accommodation within walking distance to the Universal Studios. Book your flight and hotel package now and take advantage of this great offer.
  • Save $100 Off Vacation Packages to California:

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    Book a flight and hotel package of 3 nights or more to California and you can save up to $100 off your trip.
  • Save up to 50% Off Any Flight and Hotel Package to Las Vegas:

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    Book your trip to Las Vegas this June and save up to 50% off your flight and hotel package with Southwest Vacations. No promo code required for this offer. Click through to view more details of this offer.
  • Save $250 off at select Karisma Hotels & Resorts in Punta Cana and Riviera Maya

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    Travelling to the Riviera Maya or Punta Cana this June? Save $250 off whne you stay at select Karisma Hotels and Resorts.

How to use Southwest Vacations Coupons

Unsure of where to enter your valuable coupon code on Southwest Vacations? Not to worry – we have put together an easy guide for you to follow. When you are ready to make your booking, follow the steps below to be sure that you get the deal you desire. Not every website makes it easy to find the location where the coupon code belongs, so you can use this guide to point you in the correct direction.

  1. Step 1: Click one of our red coupon buttons above to visit South Vacations’ website. – Why click on these buttons? Many of them are special links that will auto-fill the promo code for you. If so, then you don’t need this guide at all. If the links don’t auto-fill the coupon for you, then head on down to step 2.
  2. Step 2: Find the blue and white box that says “Search Vacations and Save”:

    This should be on the first page you visit on

  3. Step 3: Enter your vacation details, including your departing city, destination, travel dates, and number of passengers. Before you click “Apply”, enter the promotion code.
  4. Step 4: That’s it! The discounted price will be included on your vacation package when you enter the online shopping cart.

A Little Background Info on Southwest Vacations:

As mentioned above, Southwest Vacations is the vacation packages department of Southwest Airlines. If you are a frequent traveler, it won’t surprise you to hear that Southwest is one of the most popular airlines in the United States. Southwest serves 97 total destinations, and they boast a fleet of nearly 700 airplanes. Annual revenue for Southwest tops an incredible $18 billion, which is a testament to just how many travellers book through this airline on a yearly basis. To serve all of those customers, Southwest employees somewhere around 47,000 people.

If you do use one of our coupon codes to book a flight through Southwest, you can expect to find yourself on a Boeing 737. Southwest operates more 737’s than any airline in the world, and the vast majority of their fleet is composed of this popular plane. Obviously, passengers are enjoying their experience on Southwest, as it is responsible for transporting more domestic passengers than any other airline. What started as an operation that only transported passengers within the state of Texas in 1967 now serves travelers heading to 40 states, Puerto Rico, and beyond.

Southwest, in addition to its amazing success in the business of transporting travelers, has also made headlines in social equality as well. In 1992, Louis Freeman was named a chief pilot for Southwest, making him the first black person to hold such a title for any of the major U.S. airlines. Prior to working in commercial aviation, Mr. Freeman was a member of the United States Air Force.

Southwest Vacations on the Web:

Facebook (Southwest Airlines) – The airline industry is one of the most competitive in the world, and obviously Southwest is doing things right from a marketing perspective in order to land such an impressive base of passengers. For a demonstration of the commitment to customer service that has helped Southwest succeed, take a look at their Facebook page. The page is constantly update with fresh material, including notable accomplishments by members of the Southwest staff. Also, customer questions and concerns are given a quick reply in most cases. If you need to get information from Southwest and you are an active Facebook user, consider commenting on one of their many posts.

Twitter – In the world of Twitter, an account’s following is a good representation of the quality of that account. If the account is tweeting out useless information, or isn’t tweeting at all, it won’t accrue a following. That is not a problem that Southwest would know anything about – they are currently at an incredible 1.92 million followers on Twitter. The tweets that fill up the Southwest timeline cover a range of different topics, and include retweets from some of their following.

Southwest Vacations on YouTube:

Normally, a company posting their TV commercials to YouTube isn’t anything to get too excited about, but that might not be true when it comes to Southwest. Many of the Southwest commercials are rather entertaining, including the one at the link below. In addition to TV commercials, Southwest also has used its YouTube channel in the past to post some interesting and informative pieces from ‘Behind the Scenes’. If you are a frequent Southwest traveler and would like to get a better look at the company, these videos are certainly worth a watch.