Staples Coupon Codes

Staples Coupon Codes for April 2018

Since purchases made at Staples are often going to be made with your business in mind, saving money is going to be paramount. To help you get the best possible price on your next order, we have collected these Staples coupon codes below from around the web.

Feel free to check out the promo codes we have available, and then pick out the one that’ll save you the most money. To make sure that you aren’t wasting your time, we take the extra step of testing these codes each week to confirm they are valid.

Best Staples Coupons Right Now:

Don’t forget you always get free shipping on any orders over $49 at!

    • Save $50 Off Your Order of $250 Or More at

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      This is a great site-wide promo code that’ll save you a full $50 off your order of $250 or more when shopping Staples’ website.
    • Shop all of Staples’ Coupons at Once!

      ACTIVATED has a dedicated page full of new coupons that last for only a day, a week, or not much longer than that. You can browse all these deals at once! Click on the red coupon button that says ‘Activate Offer’ and you’ll instantly be taken to Staples’ dedicated coupon page.
    • Check Out’s Daily Deals:

      ACTIVATED has a dedicated ‘daily deals’ page where select items are deeply discounted for one day only. Click the red coupon button to view all the deals being offered today.

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  • Save 40-70% Off Staples’ Clearance Deals:

    Whenever a product is discontinued on Staples’ website, it enters this clearance section where the price is drastically reduced in an effort to reduce inventory. You can save 40-70% off merchandise when you browse this section. Click to view all the clearance items Staples is currently offering.
  • Shop Staples’ Weekly Furniture Deals:

    Shopping for new office furniture? Staples’ website has more inventory than any one store, and it has all their featured deals on one page! Click to view all the furniture on sale this week (no promo code required).
  • Save with Staples’ Weekly Tech Deals:

    Every week Staples heavily discounts several tech items, and places them all on one page on Click the red coupon button to view all the tech sales being offered this week. No promo code required.

How to use Staples Coupons

Even the best coupon code isn’t going to do you any good if you can’t find the coupon code entry field on their website.
We’ve created this quick guide to help make sure you don’t accidentally miss your chance to enter a coupon code when you’re completing your order.

Step 1

First, add all your items to your shopping cart and then click on the yellow cart button at the top right hand side of the screen.


Step 2
Then, enter your zip code when prompted. Staples asks for this information so that it can accurately determine shipping costs and delivery time. Remember if you spend over $49, then shipping is free!


Step 3
At the bottom right hand side of the cart page will be an ‘Order Summary’ box. Right underneath that order summary is the promo code entry field. Now, all you need to do is paste your chosen coupon code, and then click the button that says ‘Add‘.


Step 4:

You will see the discount applied in the shopping cart above. Now, you are officially ready to check out! Complete the order as you normally would. But be careful, there’ll be extra money weighing your wallet down from all the savings you’ve made!


A Little Background Info on Staples:

When office supplies are on your shopping list, turning to Staples is a natural decision. One of the leading office supply stores in the United States, Staples has a significant online presence in addition to their thousands of physical locations.

Whether you need to pick up small items like pens and paper, or larger pieces of equipment, Staples is a good bet to have what you need to order to outfit your office nicely.

staples coupon codes
When you think about the ” target=”_blank”>Staples brand, you think about one of the most established in the office supply market. However, while that is certainly true, you might be surprised to learn that the company only dates back 30 years.

Staples opened its first store in Brighton, Mass in 1986, which is a rather short history for a company that has such a massive presence in its market. Despite that relatively brief history, Staples has more than 3,800 locations around the world, nearly 80,000 employees, and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ.

An interesting piece of history on this successful company is the fact that the owners did not originally intend on opening an office supply store. Each of the co-founders were grocery store owners, and they wound up coming together to open an office supply store after growing frustrated with their local supply options.

From these humble beginnings, the company managed to rapidly grow into something impressive. Only 10 years into the venture, Staples was a member of the Fortune 500, and it has $3 billion in sales.

Staples on the Web:

Staples has done an excellent job of leveraging the power of social media in order to stay connected with its customer base in the digital age.

Staples on Facebook:
Staples’ Facebook page has 1.5 million likes, and over on Twitter they’ve earned over 323K Twitter followers as well. Unlike some other corporate accounts, which simply send out promotions and links to sales, Staples posts interesting and fun content that exists for no other reason than to entertain the audience.

Staples’ social media pages are full of cool things like puzzles, which keeps their fans engaged with them more than other companies. If you hold off on following business accounts because you don’t want to be subjected to endless advertising, you may find that you actually enjoy the content from Staples.

Another compliment that should be sent the way of Staples in regard to their social media department is the fact that there is little duplication across platforms. If you happen to follow along on both Facebook and Twitter, you aren’t going to see the same things over and over again.

The company produces enough fresh content to keep new posts and tweets coming without sending out the same thing over and over. Companies committed to that kind of originality are few and far between, so Staples should be commended.

Staples on YouTube:

Over on YouTube, the companies commitment to interesting and creative marketing continues. There are new videos posted to the Staples YouTube channel on a periodic basis, at the rate of a few per month in most cases.

The content of the videos runs a wide range, from promotions and contests to productivity tips and more. There isn’t the same volume of content here as there is on other social media platforms, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.