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Travelocity Coupon Code

Travelocity Promo Codes Updated for July 2017:

Welcome to our round up of promo codes and coupons for Travelocity! The popular online travel agency is one of the most well known online travel websites in the world.

The “travelocity gnome” is recognizable all around the world. But did you know that the online travel website is actually owned by the same company that owns both Expedia and

Feel free to scroll down past our list of coupons to find a cool collection of facts about Travelocity. We also provide a dead-simple how-to guide for redeeming these promo codes (in case you aren’t sure how to use them).

Best Coupons for Right Now (Newest Promotions Listed First):

  • Save $30 off Hotel Bookings of $300 or More at Travelocity!

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    Best Deal! Travelocity is offering $30 off Hotel bookings that total $300 or more. This promotion is valid until October 2nd, 2017

  • Save $25 off Hotel Bookings of $250 or More at Travelocity. Book by 10/2!

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    Travelocity is offering $25 off Hotel Bookings of $250 or more. This promotion ends October 2nd, 2017
  • Save $20 off Hotel Bookings of $200 or More at Travelocity. Book by 10/2!

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    Travelocity is offering $20 off Hotel Bookings of $200 or more. This promotion ends October 2nd, 2017.
  • travelocity coupon codes

    I think you might recognize this gnome…

  • Instructions For Using Our Promo Codes: To redeem the coupons in the list below, click on the red coupon buttons. A new browser window will open up and take you to There, you can book your vacation/flight/hotel/car rental, and then add the coupon when you reach the shopping cart. All of Coupon Coder‘s promo codes are checked and updated weekly to ensure that they are valid and working!
  • Save $100 Off $1,500 on Travelocity Vacation Packages (Min 4 Nights):

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    Book your vacation package with Travelocity and you can save $100 off the cost of your booking when you spend at least $1500 and stay 4+ Nights.
  • Save $75 Off Your $1,000 Flight and Hotel Package (minimum 3 night stay):

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    Use this promo code when you book a flight and hotel package on and you’ll save $75 off the total cost of your booking. The minimum required stay is 3 nights and total vacation has to be $1,000 to qualify.
  • Save $50 Off $800 on Travelocity Vacation Packages (Min 2 Nights)

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    Going for a quick vacation? If you stay at least two nights and spend $800 on your total air and hotel package, you can use this promo code to help you save $50 off your order.
  • Save $50 Off $800 on Travelocity Vacation Packages (Min 2 Nights):

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    Not staying more than 4 nights? Use this promo code to save $50 off vacation packages totalling $800 or more. This promotion has a minimum booking of two nights.
  • Save $30 off Your 3 Night Stay with Travelocity Hotels:

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    Book a hotel stay with Travelocity and you’ll save $30 off your booking when you stay at least 3 nights at participating hotels.
  • Save $20 Off Your 2 Night Stay With Travelocity Hotels:

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    Save $20 off your hotel booking 2 nights or more when you use this discount code at Travelocity.
  • Cruise Special: Save up to $400 on Celebrity Travelocity Cruises!

    Book a Celebrity Cruise through Travelocity and you’ll save up to $400 off your trip! 4 night minimum trip required. No promo code required. Click through to view full details of this offer.
  • Travelocity Vegas Special: Save $45 Off Air and Hotel Packages:

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    Use this coupon code between now and July 5th to save up to $45 off your Las Vegas air and hotel package.
  • Get a Free Flight or Hotel When You Book a Vacation Package:

    Book your vacation package with Travelocity this weekend and you can get a free flight fare of hotel stay on select vacations. Click through to view full details of this offer. No promo code required to redeem this offer.
  • Instantly Save $100 Off Flight + Hotel Packages to Oahu:

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    Save $100 off your flight and hotel package to Oahu! All you need to do is enter this promo code before completing your booking. The minimum spend is $1000 and minimum 4 nights stay.
  • Frontier Airlines From $19 With Travelocity:

    Travelocity offering crazy discounts when you book with Frontier airlines this month. You can book fares from $19. No promo code required for this offer, just click the red coupon button to see full details of this promotion.
  • Save 20% When You Book a Carnival Cruise Early:

    Book a Carnival Cruise before November 23rd and save 20% off the regular price…plus your deposit requirement will be reduced by 50%. No promo code required for this offer. Again, just click on the button and you’ll see all the cruises included in this offer.

How To Use These Promo Codes:

All websites, and especially travel websites, tend to put their promo code entry field into weird places. The reason is obvious: they want you to miss it. But don’t worry: we have a straightforward step by step guide on how to use Travelocity’s online payment system.

  1. Step 1: Select you dream trip. This is the fun part! You can select your hotel and your flight details. Then you’ll be taken to a “Trip Details” page with a summary of your flight and hotel:
    travelocity - how to redeem coupon codes
  2. Step 2: Enter your personal information. On the right you can see the cost of your hotel and/or flight, but it’s not time to enter the coupon code yet. In this step you fill our name, age, frequent flyer number, etc.
  3. Step 3: The next page has a section called “How Would You Like To Pay?”. Right above the credit card entry field is our prize: the promo code entry field:
    how to use coupon codes
    It should look like this.
  4. Step 4: Enter the code and click “Apply Coupon“. If it’s a valid and working code, you should see a message like this:
    travelocity coupon 10 off
    If it isn’t working, it can be because a) the promo code is expired, or b) it may not work for your particular trip package. Sometimes there is a minimum number of nights required to be booked or something like that. You may need to change your trip to fit the promo code’s requirements. Or if the deal you’re getting is really good, it may be even better than what any coupon can offer.
  5. Step 5: You’re done!

A Brief History of

Like we mentioned above, Travelocity is now owned by Expedia. But that is a recent development: Expedia Inc. purchased Travelocity for $280 million in January 2015. However, Expedia has been powering Travelocity’s online booking system for over two years at that point, so the purchase announcement was little more than a formality.
Originally Travelocity was owned by the Sabre Corporation. You may remember them as the main booking system used by travel agents starting in the 1970’s to the present day. Travelocity was formed in 1996 and was the first system of its kind where ordinary consumers could use and book their travel using Sabre’s systems.

Around the Web:

Travelocity on Facebook: Travelocity’s Facebook page is full of pretty photos from all around the world. They also have custom Facebook promo codes and deals that they post to their Facebook feed and nowhere else. So it’s definitely worth it if you’re a deal hunter (and something tells me you are!).

Twitter – While the images are the same as their Facebook feed, they also retweet a lot of cool travel articles from places like Lonelyplanet. They also have custom deals and promotions that are promoted solely through their Twitter account. I guess you have to follow them both!

Travelocity on YouTube (On The Right Sidebar):

Travelocity has tons of videos on YouTube with tips and profiles of popular tourist destinations. We’re posting a video of the “best spas in Las Vegas”, because spas are absolutely amazing.

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