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    Welcome to our round-up of the best coupons and promotional offers for usually has month-long promotions to save at least 10% off wine purchases, gift baskets, and discount shipping. They also have a tendency to release ‘flash sales’ that are only valid for 24-48 hours, so keep your eyes peeled. We will keep updating our list as these new promo codes appear. We recommend bookmarking this page if you are a frequent shopper of

    Feel free to scroll down past our list of coupons for some quick tips on how to order wine at restaurants, how to use these promo codes properly, as well as some pretty cool facts about that most people aren’t aware of. Did you know that is the world’s largest online wine retailer?

    Latest Coupon Codes and Promotions from (Newest Listed First):

    • New Customers: Save $10 Off Your Order of $75 or More:

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      This is a great discount code for new customers. You can save $10 off an order of $75 or more.
    • Save $20 Off $200+ at

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      This coupon will save you a full $20 off your order of $200 or more at
    • Save up to 40% Off Great Fall Wines:

      This fall, save up to 40% off’s selection of great fall wines. No promo code required, instead click the red coupon button to see all the included wines in this sale.
    • New! Get $30 Off $300+ or More:

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      Spend $300 or more at and you can use this discount code that’ll save you $30 off your total purchase.
    • Save $15 off your order of $150 or More at

      Best Deal! Use this coupon code to save $15 off all orders totalling $150 or more. When you add $150 worth of merchandise into their online shopping cart, you can then add the promo code and the $15 discount will be applied.
    • Save 10% Off 6 or More Bottles of Provence Rose:

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      This promo code applies specifically to Provence Rose wines. Order 6 or more bottles and you can save 10% off your order with this coupon.
    • Save 10% Off 6 or More Bottles of Garnacha from Cariñena:

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      This coupon code will give you 10% off 6 or more bottles of Garnacha from Cariñena.
    • Save 10% Off Gift Baskets and Gift Sets at

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      This is a special offer this month for Mother’s Day, although the discount code works for the entire month of May. Use this promo code to save 10% off gift baskets at Introduce one of your friends to wine culture for less.
    • Save 10% Off Wine Club Gift Memberships:

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      Get someone a club membership to as a gift and save 10% off with this promo code.
    • Save $5 Off Your Order of $75 Or More:

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      Have a smaller purchase? You can still use this code to save $5 off any order of $75 or more.
    • Australian Wine Special: Save 10% Off 6 or More Bottles of Australian Wine.

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      Purchase six or more bottles of Australian wine from and you can use this promo code to save 10% off your order.
    • Free Shipping All Year Long when you sign up for Stewardship:

      Sign up for a Stewardship at and get free shipping all year long. The Stewardship program costs $49, but if you purchase more than a couple of items from in a year, then it will be much more cost-effective to sign up and save on shipping. There is no expiry on this offer.


    How To Order Wine At Restaurants:

    Creating a wine collection at home is one of the great pleasures in life for a wine connoisseur. But part of wine culture is going out to restaurants and the whole process can be challenging. check out these tips from’s own Gwendolyn Osborn:

    Look it up online first.

    For a wine lover, reading over the list for 45 seconds before your server asks you if you want a beverage isn’t nearly enough time. Most restaurants feature their wine list online, so you can look it up beforehand and figure out what you want before you arrive. You may also impress the staff by knowing so much about their wine list so quickly!

    Ask Lots of Questions!

    A Sommelier’s whole job is to know about wine: it’s their passion! Feel free to quiz them about their wines and wine selections. You may end up becoming their favorite customer.

    Have an Old Stand-by

    In your experience you may encounter a wine that seems to go with everything and never fails you. You can ask your sommelier for something like it.

    Hat Tip to Lifehacker.


    Where to Enter Promo Codes on

    Every online retailer seems to put their promotional code box in a different place. Here we will give you step-by-step instructions for entering these promo codes.

    1. Order your desired wine on their website’s online store.
    2. Go the shopping cart.
    3. On the bottom left of the shopping cart there will be a little box that says: Enter Promo Code. Enter the code and click “Apply Code“.wine-com-how to enter promo codes
    4. You’ll know it works when it says: “valid promotional code” just above the promo code box.
    5. And you’re done!


    A Brief History of promo code

    source: wikimedia

    The company we know as ‘’ actually started out as back in 1998. They then purchased the ‘’ domain name back in 2001, and the rest is history. They have become the largest online wine retailer for ten years running, according to Internet Retailer. Amazon has recently announced that they are expanding their online wine business, so we will have to see if is able to continue its status as #1.
    Like most gourmet websites, encourages you to start a ‘Steward-Ship’ membership to save money. For approximately $49 (it varies by state due to local state alcohol laws) you can unlimited shipping of wine. also has their headquarters in one of the most central locations for wine lovers: San Francisco. As their website says, they are halfway between California’s famous wine country and Silicon Valley. The perfection intersection of wine and technology:

    Find Around the Web:

    • on Facebook – Like on Facebook and you can stay up to date on special promotions. They also offer ‘flash tastings’, where they have surprise free tastings at certain locations.
    • Twitter – has a very active Twitter account where they regularly interact with customers. If you want to get in contact with them, this seems like the best social media platform to do it.
    • Youtube’s official youtube channel. You can learn more about wine, explore vineyards, and learn how to order wine at restaurants.

    Inc. Magazine Profiles

    Selling an alcoholic beverage online has its challenges. This video from Inc Magazine is a cool profile of the challenges has faced over the years. Even today can only service 42 states, due to every state having their own local liquor laws.